Mission statement 

“To become the most trusted supplier of top quality PEMF devices in the UK”

Firstly, may I thank you for taking time to read this. I hope to give you some idea of the ethos and drive behind my mission statement and my faith in the Orin PEMF product.

I have always had strong desire to help people.  I discovered Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy or PEMF devices back in 2002 when this relatively new, exciting and cutting-edge technology was making its debut in the European Markets. In 1992 the European Union sponsored research in to PEMF technology under the title ‘Cost 244’.

I was impressed and inspired by what I learned and witnessed of this unique therapy. The research had been conducted by team of 80 specialists and its conclusions had been presented at the first ever World Magnetic Therapy Congress in London back in 1996.


Findings from this research had been used to develop a brand new range of PEMF devices known as Ulticare LT-99 and Biotorus Lt-100. They were the first PEMF devices specifically designed for home and travel use, thereby facilitating more convenient and regular home treatment instead of travelling to hospitals and medical centres.  Safe, effective treatment could be applied almost anytime and anywhere.  I wanted to spread the word about the effectiveness of PEMF. The fact that it was now easily accessible for the public was exciting  – except that it was not widely known about particularly in the UK. It was and is my mission to change that.


Many of my friends and family members have used those PEMF devices to address various health issues ranging from high blood pressure, relieving pain and aches to treating carpal tunnel. Their positive feedback has reassured myself that this therapy has to be better known and understood.

In the past two decades the Orin Group has provided to over 160,000 satisfied customers across number of EU countries, the US and the UK.

Orin-UK, a branch of wider Orin Group [Europe] was established to specifically supply these top quality PEMF devices here.

Across the world we human beings ALL face and share the same diverse medical issues. At Orin we are confident that PEMF can offer prevention, relief and reduction in so many commonly shared symptoms from simple aches and pains to more complex and potentially serious conditions.

Matt Slivon
Orin-UK ltd

Because everyone’s desire is to be healthy…

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