I m a beauty therapist based in Marlow / main specialisation is a massage therapy. After 10 years of practise my hands / especially joints started to pay the price! I m using the “Magnetic Pulsed Therapy “ treatment from Orin-UK for 2 months now. I can start to feel the difference on my hands (less cracking), and for me this will be long term of treatment to help maintained my own health. Also in the future I m prepared to introduce this type of therapy to my clients!


We are both 75 years old and suffer with many age related ailments. We have been using the Biotorus LT-100 daily since we bought it back in 2011. I am using the device to treat my painful wrist (carpal tunnel) and also back pain, my husband on his knee problems. Our health issues have improved dramatically since we started using this therapy. Our friend has also tried the device with similar positive results.

Jan Koritko

I am 61 and my wife is 57 and we are both using the Biotorus LT-100. I was sent by my GP to see a specialist who diagnosed an enlarged prostate. The device was purchased especially to treat my prostate problem. After only 3 months of using this device my GP has been very surprised by how much has my condition has improved. My wife is also using the device but on a wide range of conditions; blood vessels, spine and joints which are all chronic health issues. She uses the Biotorus LT-100 mainly to alleviate pain, and is using it 2-3 times per day.

Vladimir Malovec

My husband and I bought the Biotorus device because we have problems with our lower back and joints. After using the device for a little while we can say it helps alleviate the pain. We are mainly using the device during weather changes when the pain a lot more noticeable. My husband is using the device on his knees and ankles and I am also using the device on my knees and along my spine. This device has definitely improved our overall mobility and relieves pain.

Maria Medvedcova

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